Beam Transfer Physics (BTP)


The BTP section is responsible for the conception, studies, design and commissioning of beam transfer lines and injection/extraction systems.

The section is in charge of checking and improving the performance of existing injection/extraction systems and beam lines and is responsible for scheduling, resources planning and coordination of work packages from beamline design to beam commissioning.


The responsibilities include:

  • Accelerator physics, modelling of the underlying processes, simulations, optics design, definition of parameters and evaluation of apertures;
  • Beam line layout design, integration studies, follow-up and validation of installation of ABT equipment in terms of positions and alignment tolerances;
  • Equipment specifications, evaluation of beam effects and machine protection related aspects due to equipment non-conformities;
  • Organisation and coordination of beam commissioning;
  • Follow-up of operational issues with beam-transfer systems;
  • ABT across-section coordination of dedicated activities.